Exterior Lighting Options for Your Home

With all the focus on the lighting plan inside your home, many people forget the importance of creating a well thought out lighting plan for the outside. Beyond a simple porch light, exterior lighting has a whole range of possibilities that allow you to create visual interest for family and friends to enjoy. When choosing […]

Why You Need to Test the Carbon Monoxide Detector Regularly

You’re pretty diligent when it comes to replacing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector. But how about the unit itself? Your CO detector has a lifespan of about ten years. Because this device is the only thing protecting you from a colorless, odorless gas that kills at least 450 annually, according to the Centers […]

Dining Room Lighting Fixtures and Ideas

Lighting Your Dining RoomThe dining room is a unique room for lighting, as it requires a mixture of practicality and ambiance. Whether you use your dining room every day or once in a while, you’ll want a lighting structure that evokes a relaxing feeling as you sit down for meals with friends and family.We’ve put […]

Hidden Hazards an Electrical Inspection Could Uncover

Your lights turn on. Your appliances work. Your electrical system must be in tip-top shape, right? Not necessarily. Your home’s circuitry may hold certain hazards that only a trained expert can identify. That’s why you should have your home’s electrical system inspected at least semi-annually.Here’s what an inspection could reveal.Aluminum WiringMost homes built today are […]

Induction Wall Pack Type Fixture Upgrade

Different factors qualify induction fixtures as among the best products in the fixtures’ market, including significant energy savings, light output, and lifespan. The fixtures are especially ideal for upgrading lighting to improve efficiency without affecting light output.Apart from being efficient, induction fixtures maintain 85% of their original light output during their entire lifespan. This is […]

The 2013 St George Christmas Light Spectacular

Here is Hedgehog Electric we are excited about this holiday season and we would like to invite you to give this holiday season. We have created the 2013 St George Christmas Light Spectacular Map which shows you the best places that you and our family can go to see some really cool Christmas light displays. […]

Buying an Older Home? Know If It Can Handle Today’s Electrical Demands

There are a lot of positives to buying an older home. For one thing, you can often purchase one at a lower price than a newer build, and older homes often have a charm that you don’t always see in more modern homes that are built with similar floor plans. But problems can arise when […]

What Do Electrical Wire Colors Mean?

Most homeowners have done a bit of DIY, whether it was sanding and repainting an old dresser or patching a hole in the wall. But straying into working with your home’s electricity can be significantly more high-stakes as there is a potential for electrical fires and other dangers if a mistake is made. While, if […]

Types of Light Bulbs

When lighting a space, there are several options available to meet your budget, color, and efficiency needs. In commercial and residential lighting, the three most common types of light bulbs are fluorescent, incandescent, and high-intensity discharge. By picking the correct type of light bulb, you can easily create the right atmosphere for your space.FluorescentTubular fluorescent […]