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Generator Installation in St. George, UT | HedgeHog Electric

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Everyone has experienced at least short periods where the connection to steady electrical power is interrupted. In many cases, this interruption of electricity is short, and you are often reconnected before it causes any real problem beyond inconvenience. But if you live in a more rural area or one that received snow that can lead to a delay in repairs, you may be out of power for longer.

Some people try to work around this issue by having a portable generator. Unfortunately, this type of generator is more for providing electricity to power tools when there is no convenient power source, which means these glorified batteries can’t do that much. By choosing HedgeHog Electric for your home generator installation in St. George, UT, you can power your home effectively and not be left to the mercy of interrupted electrical lines.

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What Is a Home Generator & How Does It Work?

How to Safely Use a Home Generator

Whenever your power unexpectedly goes out, a generator can be very convenient in getting your home back on its feet for the time being. However, it is very important to know how to safely operate your home generator

Follow the following tips in order to safely use your generator:

Limit the number of appliances used
Ensure proper ventilation
Do not let your generator get wet
Let your generator cool down
20 KW Generator Installation in St. George, UT | HedgeHog Electric

Professional Generator Installations

Having a standby home generator can protect your house from the unexpected loss of power, which can ensure that the food in your fridge doesn’t spoil, you aren’t left in the dark, and you don’t have to deal with any other inconveniences when power is disrupted. Also, if you have any medical equipment you need to power, such as a CPAP machine, having a generator can help ensure that you aren’t left without your necessary electronics.

But choosing and installing a generator can be difficult and potentially dangerous, as it requires you to connect the machine into your home’s main electrical system. Instead of attempting it on your own, one of HedgeHog Electric’s residential electrical services is generator installation St. George and nearby areas.

With the help of our experienced electricians, you can have your own home generator safely installed. We will help you determine the size that you need to power your essential electronics and go over the various pros and cons of the different fuel sources.

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