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Whether you are hunting through your closet for that perfect outfit or cooking up a delicious meal in the kitchen, having strong, clear lighting is vital. If the lighting in your home isn’t up to scratch, then you need HedgeHog Electric’s indoor lighting services in St. George.

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What We Can Do for Your Home

It may sound funny, but many homes were constructed without proper consideration to the interior lighting needs. For instance, older homes often have rooms where there are no light fixtures, leaving people relying on various lamps that take up valuable space in the room. Or, almost as annoying, there is a single light fixture that cannot possibly light the entire room, leaving areas in shadow.

Instead of struggling without the right lighting in your home, you can bring in HedgeHog Electric’s expert electricians and add the perfect lighting solutions to your rooms. To help you identify what kind of lighting you may need, consider the three basic categories of lighting.

Ambient Lighting

The most common type of indoor lighting is ambient lighting. This type of lighting is meant to provide natural, soft light to a room like the light you would experience outdoors.

Most rooms need at least one source of ambient lighting. With one set source of ambient lighting, you never have to walk through a dark room tripping over things at you hunt for a lamp switch.

As for the light fixtures which are used for ambient lighting, there is a wide variety for you to pick from, including:

  • Flush mount light fixture
  • Semi-flush mount fixture
  • Ceiling fan with built-in light fixture
  • Recessed lights
  • Chandelier
  • Pendant light fixture
  • Vanity bar lighting

Naturally, not all homes have the same types of rooms, with some rooms having studies, formal front rooms, game rooms, home theaters, and more variation. However, the base types of these rooms are similar to the ones outlined above, and you can choose the lighting that is most appropriate for their type.

Accent Lighting

Often combined with ambient lighting is accent lighting. This type of lighting is usually added to a room for two reasons—to bring more light to all corners or to enhance decor. Many times, the ambient light fixture isn’t powerful enough to light all the corners of the room, so instead of huddling in the lighted areas, accent lighting can be installed.

Also, in rooms with only one light switch installed, our electricians can add more switches so that you can independently control the accent lighting separate from the ambient light.

As for the decor-enhancement of your accent lighting choice, you have a lot of flexibility and style options when it comes to accent light fixtures, ranging from things like stain glass wall sconces to bronze wire track lights.

Decorative lamps are also considered additional accent lighting, and they don’t need to be installed. However, if you don’t want to cover your available floor space or side tables with lamps, having accent lighting installed by our electricians can be a great way to utilize all your space and have it well-lit.

Task Lighting

Similar to accent lighting, task lighting adds to the ambient light of a room. However, task lighting is often for more utilitarian needs where you need good, strong lighting. Rooms like the kitchen and bathroom often have task lighting, as when people are in these rooms, they often need bright lighting to accomplish tasks ranging from dicing vegetables to applying makeup.

Some of the types of light fixtures which are good for task lighting are:

  • Bar vanity light fixture
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Under cabinet fixtures
  • Pendant light fixtures

Signs You Need New Light Installation

1. You don’t have LED lights – If you don’t have LED lights, then you should strongly consider making the switch. Not only do they last longer, but they are more energy efficient which will save you money in the long run.

2. Flickering lights – If your lights are flickering it could be a couple of things. it could be that your electrical grid is spread too thin, but if that’s not it consult our St. George light installation experts because it could be your lighting fixtures.

3. Your interior design has changed – If you’ve recently redone what the inside of your home looks like, consider updating your lights as well to match the changes. What was in 20 years ago might not be fashionable today so make sure you keep up with the times.

4. The aesthetics are off – If the shape, color or fixtures of your lighting are off for any reason, consult out light installation gurus about seeing what other options you have.

If you’re in need of our St. George light installation experts, contact us online today. HedgeHog Electric also offers lighting services for outdoor lighting so that you can have your entire home properly illuminated.


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