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Whether you have an unfinished basement you want to finish or a finished basement you want to remodel, there are plenty of tasks you can easily tackle on your own. Projects ranging from installing insulation and drywall to replacing the carpeting take more physical power than skill and generally are safe DIY basement remodel projects.

However, the electrical wiring in your basement is a very different matter and is best left for professional electrical wiring by licensed electricians. At HedgeHog Electric, our basement wiring professionals in St. George ensure extreme attention to detail, careful service, and lasting results.

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Why You Need Professional Electricians

Unlike the other basement finishing tasks we have mentioned, generally, the worst outcome is that you ruin some of the project material and have to buy more. That’s not the case with incorrectly wired basements.

Basement electrical wiring can be incredibly dangerous if not taken care of by a professional electrician like those we employ here at HedgeHog Electric. In particular, electrical fires caused by improper wiring practices by DIYers are more than likely to occur.

With the assistance of professional, licensed electricians here at HedgeHog Electric, you can feel confident in your basement wiring. Our electrical service technicians are all trained and are up to date on current building code, so your home’s electrical work is as safe as possible. If you are interested in our basement wiring services, we can assist you at all stages of your basement’s evolution.

Basement Finishing

If you have an unfinished basement that you are ready to complete, you can count on our electricians. Before you get your insulation panels up and drywall hung, contact us for a consultation, as it will be easier for any rewiring and new wiring to be placed if there are no walls in the way.

One of our electricians will go over what you are looking to have completed and make recommendations where appropriate. This consultation can make all the difference to your project, especially when it comes to determining where wiring outlets and lights wiring should be laid out and installed.

Electrical Wiring for Basements

Whether you bring in our electricians before or after the walls are up on the basement won’t stop them from being able to provide electrical wiring for your basement. Naturally, if you haven’t begun to insulate and wall in your basement, it is much easier to call in our electricians to assist with your basement wiring project. However, we can help with finished basements as well.

Often, there is older or DIY wiring in the basement of your home, since it was left to the end of a housing project. Our electricians can troubleshoot your wiring to check for problems or replace older wiring with new, safer wiring.


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