Smoke Detector Installation in St. George, UT

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Protecting Your Family & Your Home

One installation service you may not have considered—but really should—is smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation. These critical safety devices can help keep your family and home safe.

Rather than run the risk that your smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are defective, broken, outdated, or experiencing other issues, you can count on the professional electricians at HedgeHog Electric. Our team of electrical service experts can make sure that your CO and smoke detectors are hardwired correctly and well-maintained so that these machines provide the safety that they should.

Our team is always here to help. Give us a call at 877-673-9751 or contact us online to schedule smoke detector installation in St. George.

Why Have Professionals Install Your Smoke Detector?

While it is possible to buy and mount your own battery-operated smoke detectors, there are many reasons why it may be better to have a professional residential electrician install your new detectors.

You should schedule professional smoke detector installation because:

  • Dual powered system – Professionally installed smoke detectors are hardwired into your home’s electrical system. There are still batteries to act as a backup, but with hardwired smoke detectors, you can rely on them to remain powered no matter what so that your property is continually protected.

  • Allows greater detector variety – Battery-operated CO and smoke detectors are limited in what variety they come in, where hardwired detectors provide more choices. However, most homeowners only feel comfortable installing the limited battery-operated detectors.

  • Avoid damage during installation – Rather than run the risk of installing your own smoke detectors, you can rely on our electricians. They have all the necessary tools, from stable ladders to the right electrical tools, so nothing in your home is damaged during your smoke detector installation.

  • Efficient installation and troubleshooting – When you opt to have professional electricians install your detectors, you can enjoy having the work done quickly and efficiently, rather than struggling with the unfamiliar task on your own. Also, once the work is completed, our electricians will ensure that everything works properly before wrapping up the job site.

  • Up-to-code installation – Depending on your property type and what kind of smoke detector you choose, there are different building codes you will need to abide by. A professional electrician will know the necessary codes to ensure you are compliant.


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