Tesla Wall Connector Installation in St. George, UT

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Safe & Convenient Electric Car Charging at Home

Tesla Wall Connector St. George UT

Tesla Wall Connector is a faster, safer, and easier way to keep any Tesla vehicle charged and ready to roll! This specialized charging system is designed to work with any of Tesla’s vehicles, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, offering a faster full charge from even a fully-drained battery state. If you’re looking to daily-drive your Tesla vehicle and demand a full charge at the start of each day, look no further than Tesla Wall Connector to get the job done.

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Faster EV Charging Means More Miles

Compared with a standard outlet charge, Tesla Wall Connector is faster, easier, safer, and far more convenient, resulting in a better ownership experience and improved energy efficiency. Operating on a 240-volt electrical line, Tesla Wall Connector can charge up to 44 miles of range per hour, with the ability to charge to full capacity overnight for many vehicles and homeowners.

That means no more starting the day on less than a full charge, no more stressing about where to find power to complete your daily commute, and no worrying about leaving your vehicle plugged into a standard electrical outlet all night long.

Some other great advantages of Tesla Wall Connector installation in St. George and beyond include:

Install Tesla Wall Connector St. George UT

  • Convenience: Tesla Wall Connector can be installed in most homes and is designed to work with a wide range of circuit breakers. All you need to have is a 240-volt connection to your home (something that has become increasingly common, as many appliances also run on 240-volt power lines).
  • Connectivity: Tesla Wall Connector is Wi-Fi connected for over-the-air firmware updates, remote diagnostics, and more. Plus, Tesla’s active development means new features are being added frequently.
  • Flexibility: With an included 24-foot cable, Tesla Wall Connector can be set up in a variety of different locations to make charging a breeze.
  • Power sharing: Do you own multiple Tesla vehicles? Installing multiple Tesla Wall Connector units can stabilize the charging process for both of them. Tesla Wall Connector works on a power rationing system that balances charging for all connected vehicles to maximize speed without over-drawing your electrical infrastructure.

Our Tesla Wall Connector Installation Process

At HedgeHog Electric & Solar, we work with you and with Tesla to make your installation a breeze. Tesla advises that every vehicle owner order their Tesla Wall Connector system before taking delivery of their vehicle. When you order your Tesla Wall Connector, simply forward your shipment confirmation to our team and we will contact you to schedule an installation appointment within a day or two of the unit arriving.

We always provide honest, upfront, and transparent quotes for our electric vehicle charger installation services so you know exactly how much you’ll pay before we even begin. That way your installation is as seamless as possible on the day of the service.

In most cases, we can complete your Tesla Wall Connector installation in St. George in as little as a few hours. However, certain factors may increase the time it takes to complete your installation, including needing to upgrade an electrical circuit or needing to run additional high-voltage electrical lines to a new location in order to properly power your new Tesla Wall Connector.

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