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Emergency Backup Generators

HedgeHog Electric and Solar is a certified Generac partner.  Our team of electricians is certified by Generac to install and service Generac generators in Southern Utah.

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Benefits of Generac Home Backup Generators

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Generac home backup generators are totally integrated with your homes electrical system. HedgeHog Electric will analyze your existing electrical system and make sure your new Generac generator is a complimentary fit. 


An automatic transfer switch is essential to a home backup power solution. Generac’s smart automatic transfer switch will detect when grid power goes out and will automatically turn on to power your home. 

Generac Backup Generator with Lid Closed


HedgeHog Electric carries in stock a wide variety of Generac backup generators in multiple sizes. Our electricians will conduct an energy usage analysis to make sure that you choose a backup generator that is appropriately sized for your home. 

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Backup Generators Are Essential For Many In Southern Utah

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Air Conditioners Don’t Work Without Power & St. George and Southern Utah Gets Hot!   

Let me share a personal experience.  Last summer the condenser unit on my homes air conditioner failed and within 3 hours the temperature inside my home had increased to 92 degrees!  It was too hot to stay in the house and so my household stayed with friends and family for a few days until the replacement unit could be installed.  It was inconvenient and frustrating not being able to be comfortable in my own home.  But, it started me thinking… what if there was an extended power outage?  Not only would by air conditioner not work… my refrigerator and freezer would stop working, my microwave and electric oven would stop working, my wifi routers and home computer would go offline, my CPAP machine wouldn’t work, and I wouldn’t be able to charge my electric vehicle, and of course my lights would be out. When we think of a power outage the first thing we think about is “the lights being out”, based on my experience the lights being out is the least of my concerns.

Whole Home Backup Power

HedgeHog Electric and Solar is a Certified Dealer for Generac, one of the leading names in backup generator technology in the United States. We install high-quality, dependable products that will be there for you when you need them most.  Our electricians offer ongoing support for all of the backup power generation systems we install to ensure you’re never without the electricity you need.

An appropriately sized backup generation system will be able to power all of your home appliances. Live your life like a power outage never happened. 

Important Considerations

Independent Fuel Source: Home standby generators need to have an independent fuel source, most of the communities in Southern Utah have natural gas connections directly to your home. If your home doesn’t have a natural gas connection you can power the generators with propane.  A common questions is– “If the power goes out will my natural gas still be flowing?”  The short answer is yes. Natural gas distribution is separated from the power grid. Natural gas distribution is powered and pressurized by its own fuel.  The only reason both electricity and natural gas distribution may stop is in the event of an earthquake.  Natural gas lines are intentionally shut off until all lines can be pressured tested.  

Permits and Licensing: When considering a home backup generator installation it is important to get the necessary permitting.  HOA’s and cities have different requirements for home backup generators.  

Professional Installation:  You have probably seen the generator displays in the local hardware stores.  It is important to note the sticker price that you see in the stores are indicative of only the generator equipment cost.  It often will not include the cost of an automatic transfer switch, professional installation, underlayment, permits, etc.  Unless you are a properly trained electrician home backup generator installations are not a weekend do-it-yourself project.  Home backup generators are powerful and operate with high amperage improperly installed generators can cause a fire hazard.  Additionally, backup generators installed too close to doors or windows can cause additional hazards. 

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The HedgeHog Process

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Consultation and Safety Inspection

Our electrician will arrive on time and will discuss with you your goals and objectives for a home backup generator.  He will then complete a 52 point whole home electrical safety inspection.  Once the inspection is complete we will have a complete understand of your homes electrical system and can give you a fixed price proposal. 

Permitting and Installation 

Our team will handle all of the heavy lifting for your generator installation.  Our office will coordinate with your city and your HOA.  The day of the installation our electricians will arrive to install the generator and teach you how to use it.  

We Are Your Local & Trusted Electricians

HedgeHog Electric and Solar has been serving residents of the Greater Southern Utah area for over 15 years!  You will find our team of electricians capable, punctual and friendly.  Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients. 

We look forward to making you smile! 

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