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The one room of your home you are guaranteed to use multiple times a day is your kitchen. This area of your home is special, as it acts as a storage area, food preparation zone, and a gathering place where family and friends can enjoy time together.


By using the right lighting services, you can ensure that your kitchen is an inviting spot that is welcoming and well-lit. Since 2008, our team at HedgeHog Electric has provided exceptional lighting services. We can work with you to determine your needs and select and install the best fixtures for your kitchen.

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Types of Kitchen Lighting

Many homeowners try to get by with whatever kitchen lighting was installed either when the home was built or was installed by the previous owner. Yet, this lighting may have been the bare minimum to sell the house or tailored to the preferences of someone else and unsuited to how you utilize your kitchen.

With HedgeHog Electric, you aren’t chained to your old light fixtures. We can install a variety of light fixtures in your kitchen, as well as other electrical fixtures such as switches, GFCI outlets, and more to ensure your kitchen suits your needs. Below are some of the most common types of kitchen lighting we are called on to install.

Recessed Lighting

Opting to have recessed lighting in your kitchen can provide many benefits. For one thing, having these discreet lights installed, you can open up the ceiling of your kitchen, which creates the illusion of more space. You can also tailor how many recessed light fixtures you need to be placed per the dimensions of your kitchen, ensuring your lighting is evenly distributed.

Other reasons to consider recessed lighting in your kitchen are:

  • Practical lighting – Recessed lights are all-around useful lighting solutions as they can work as your kitchen’s ambient light source or as task or accent lighting. When placed in the correct spots by our electricians, you won’t be lacking any light as you work in the kitchen.
  • Customize around fixtures – As recessed lighting essentially leaves you with a visually blank canvas, you can design your kitchen aesthetic as you please. Often, recessed lighting is used as the main light source, and homeowners have our electricians add feature lighting like an eye-catching pendant light.
  • Lower voltage needed – Unlike many other light fixtures, recessed lights require less voltage to power, helping you save money as less electricity is expended to power your lights. Combine that will LED bulbs, and recessed lighting can be a significant source of utility bill savings.
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Pendant Light Fixtures

Often, pendant lights are more for decorative design, rather than being the main source of lighting in a kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have effective pendant lights that provide great lighting when at the island of your kitchen.

What you can do with pendant light fixtures:

  • Provide task lighting – If you have a kitchen island, a countertop bar area, or long stretches of open counter in your kitchen, pendant light fixtures can provide bright task lighting to allow you to work by.
  • Safe statement light fixture – You may not have hit your head on a low hanging chandelier or pendant light, but it only takes once before you are ready to swap out that fixture. But with our electricians’ help to carefully place your pendant lighting, you can enjoy the statement the fixture provides without head injuries.
  • High design potential – There is almost a limitless amount of pendant lights available, with some artisans offering to design custom light fixtures to perfectly match the style you are looking to achieve. So, if you feel your kitchen is looking a little bland, one or more stylized pendant lights may be just what you need.
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Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is fairly descriptive, as it is a type of lighting solution which is installed under your kitchen cabinets. As the area below cabinets can become shadowed without these lights, when you have under cabinet lighting, you can help provide greater depth perception and openness in your kitchen.

Other potential benefits of under cabinet lighting are:

  • Flexible design – There are many different styles of undercabinet lighting solutions available, from rope lighting to fixtures. With many options to choose from, our electricians can help you find a design that will suit your cabinets and personal style.
  • Greater visibility – With lights below your cabinets, you will be able to do kitchen prep work more easily as well as clean up more easily as the counters and other areas will be better lit.
  • Can enhance style – With the right ambient lighting in your kitchen, you shouldn’t need under-cabinet lighting. However, it can enhance the overall style that you are going for in your kitchen.
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Track Lighting

If you are looking for a relatively flexible form of kitchen lighting, track lighting can be a good option to consider. While many people are familiar with the straight track lights where a variable number of lights can be attached, there is actually quite a bit of versatility to track lighting.

Some of the other features of track lighting are:

  • Versatile shapes available – Along with the straight track light, there are three common shapes that track lighting takes which are shaped like different letter such as J, H, and L. You can combine various shapes to light your kitchen or choose less common shapes, such as a curved track lighting.
  • Focused illumination – Track lighting is excellent for accenting certain areas of your kitchen with focused light or for task lighting, helping to illuminate countertops. You can also reposition your track lights to ensure they are facing the direction that you need the illumination.
  • Greater energy efficiency – You can often use small LED bulbs in track lighting. Not only are these bulbs plenty bright but you can also enjoy the unmatched energy efficiency of LED bulbs in your kitchen. As the lights in the kitchen are often on and off multiple times a day, these energy savings will add up.
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Specialty Light Fixtures

Your kitchen is a unique space, and your lighting can reflect that with specialty light fixtures placed in areas where regular lighting options may not be as effective.


For example, say your oven isn’t positioned where it can easily be lit by the overall room lighting. Our electricians can assist in finding an over-the-oven light fixture that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen and can hold up with the moisture that is often associated with stovetop cooking.


That’s just one example of specialty light fixtures that our electricians can install in your kitchen to ensure proper lighting. Depending on the particulars of your kitchen, we can assist you in finding the perfect lighting solution.

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