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There are so many lighting options available nowadays, from showstopping chandeliers to functional fixtures equipped with power-saving LED lights. Meanwhile, the rise of personal entertainment spaces—like theater and gaming rooms—has brought the kind of creative lighting once limited to commercial spaces into the home.

Lighting can bring so much to a home, from illumination to decoration. Whether you’re renovating an existing home or working on a new build, well-planned and well-placed lighting can make all the difference.

HedgeHog Electric stands ready to brighten your life, whether you’re looking for ambient, task, or accent lighting. We can also help you upgrade to LED lighting so you can reap the environmental and economic advantages of greater energy efficiency.

We can give your home an overall brightness with ambient lighting. The source of your ambient lighting may be discreet and functional or include show stopping pieces like chandeliers or pendant lights.


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to illuminate things you’d like to call attention to, like display shelves, artwork, plants, stairs, textural walls, and other architectural details. When you’re considering accent lighting, you’ve moved your focus from mere functionality to one of the cornerstones of interior design.


Movie or Game Room Lighting

Lighting for your theater, gaming room, “man cave,” or other home entertainment headquarters should include a combination of ambient and accent lighting. Your multimedia getaway represents a significant investment in personal downtime and quality family time. As such, it should be customized to suit your particular needs and aesthetic.

Lighting for your home theater or gaming room starts with ambient lighting. This might include dimmable ceiling lights or wall sconces that create an atmosphere dark enough to highlight the screen but bright enough so you can find your seat and see your snacks.

Ideally, spending time in your multimedia getaway should feel like you’re having an extraordinary experience, leaving the challenges of day-to-day life behind for a while.

Accent lighting such as fiber-optic star ceiling panels and colorful LED rope lighting can help set a special occasion kind of mood.


Outdoor Lighting

The space outside the home is considered an expansion of the home. Adding lighting to your landscape can help you continue enjoying your yard long after the sun has gone down.

The right lighting can help you navigate pathways and make nighttime use of your alfresco dining table or reading nook. Amping up your backyard lighting is also a good security measure, helping to deter potential intruders.

Accent lighting can also play a big part in your backyard design. This might include using light to showcase trees, plants, and flowers; statues and other artwork; architectural details; and water features like your pool, pond, or fountain. It can also be used to add depth and interest to walls.