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Optimizing Your Home

An installation service that can help optimize your home is outlet installation. From having new outlets placed so that you don’t need a million extension cords to updating old outlets, there are plenty of reasons why you may need professional outlet installation services in St. George performed by HedgeHog Electric.

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When You Should Consider Outlet Installation

Most people take their homes’ outlets for granted, and unless something goes wrong, outlets often go years without any updating or new installation. If you aren’t sure you need an outlet installation, here are some of the most common instances that our electricians perform outlet installation.

Replacing Old or Damaged Outlets

Old or damaged outlets can represent a serious risk to your home’s safety. With an older outlet—like a two-prong outlet—there is no ground that helps redirect excess electricity away. Without a ground, there is a higher potential for an electrical fire.

As for a damaged outlet, whether it is chipped or has scorch marks, the potential for an electrical fire is even higher since there is already a weakness in the outlet. So, if you have an outlet with signs of damage, it is time to replace it.

There Are Not Enough Outlets

Plenty of homes have the bare minimum of outlets built in, making it a bit inconvenient when you are trying to set up your entertainment system, computers, and other electronics.

However, adding power strips and extension cords aren’t a safe way to compensate for a lack of outlets. With power strips, you can overload a circuit and cause it to shut down the power to that area of your home. And, if you run extension cords, they can be significant trip hazards. Instead of running these risks, you can have additional outlets installed by our electricians.

Moving Outlets to A New Spot

Whether you want an outlet moved to hide a mounted TV cord or you want your outlets to be in a better position for your home’s room layout, our electricians can help. Rather than needing to work around inconveniently placed outlets, you can have your outlets moved to accommodate what you need.

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We provide our job bids upfront, so there are no surprise fees once the work is completed. So, whether you want to update your electrical outlets or have another other electrical service in mind, HedgeHog Electric is here to help!

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