St. George Electrical Safety Measures

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St. George Electrical Safety Measures

Protect Your Home or Business via Comprehensive Inspections

When it comes to taking care of the electrical work for your business, you need a team of qualified commercial electricians on your side. At HedgeHog Electric, our team is backed by well over a decade of service experience and knows exactly what it takes to keep your employees, customers, and business protected. With every service, our St. George electrical team follows careful safety measures to ensure lasting results.

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What We Can Do for You

HedgeHog Electric can help you make sure your business is protected against the weather, electrical surges, air pollution, and more. We can install alarms, heating cables, generators, and other equipment to help keep your employees and customers safe. We also perform electrical safety inspections to ensure that the electrical systems in your office, store, or factory are performing well.

Don’t risk injury, property damage, or lawsuits from snow buildup. Let us install heat cables to melt the ice and snow before it causes a problem. Interior threats can be just as dangerous as exterior conditions. Installing proper alarm systems to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants can prevent serious injury and even death. HedgeHog Electric can install these systems and perform maintenance to make sure they are operating correctly.

A loss of electrical power due to a storm or other natural disaster can cause situations that range from minor annoyances to life-threatening problems. Protect your customers, employees, and equipment by installing battery backups (also called uninterruptible power supplies) on your computers, factory machines, medical devices, and other essential equipment. We can also install standby generators to provide ongoing electricity in the case of a prolonged power outage.

Keeping Your Business Protected

Small preventive measures can protect you from potentially life-threatening problems. HedgeHog Electric can help you understand the options that will help keep you safe in your business. In addition to performing preventive maintenance and inspections, we can recommend and install additional safety measures such as arc fault breakers and surge protectors to prevent injury and equipment damage in the case of electrical surges or other problems.

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