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Dependable Emergency Electrical Repair Services

One of the many electrical services HedgeHog Electric provides for our residential electrical customers is electrical repairs. These services provide safety and security and can help you if your electrical system has become damaged or worn down.

With the help of our professional electricians at HedgeHog Electric, you can have electrical repairs done to protect your home from the electrical hazards associated with damaged electrical systems. We operate in Northern Utah as well as Southern Utah, so you can always work with dependable electrical technicians.

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Signs You Need Electrical Repairs

You may not realize that you need electrical repairs as the majority of your electrical system is tucked out of sight. Or, if you have noticed some strange things going on with your electrical system but may have dismissed it as just a random quirk.

To help you identify if you need electrical repairs, we have gone over some of the most common signs you may encounter below.

Your House Is the Only One on the Street without Power

When the power goes down in a neighborhood, there is often not much you can do until it is corrected by your power company unless you choose to have a generator installed by our electricians. The issue arises if your home is the only one without power.

Rather than attempt to find the source of the issue on your own, it is best to call in HedgeHog Electric for our professional assistance.

Your Appliances Frequently Turn off on Their Own

A sign that there is either damage to the electrical system or it is overworking is when your home appliances frequently turn off on their own. Often, these appliances can be plugged in, but the moment you want to use them, the surge of electricity due to the greater power demands will cause the breaker to pop, and your appliances will turn off.

With the help of our electricians, it can be determined whether the issue lies with damaged wiring or if you need another dedicated circuit to stop the overdraw of the electrical system.

You Have Dead Light Switches or Outlets

Dead outlets are considered annoying by homeowners, but they often just use other outlets and ignore the dead one. However, this is a dangerous move, as outlets don’t just stop working without a reason, and that reason is usually tied to a damaged electrical system. The same goes for dead light switches, though property owners don’t ignore dead light switches as often as dead outlets.

By having our technicians check your dead outlets and light switches, they can determine if the problem is simply due to loose wiring or worn out parts that need replacing.

You Are Experiencing Issues with the Circuit Breaker Panel

The main job of your circuit breaker is to cut off electricity to a circuit that has become overdrawn. So, it is not too unusual to need to reset a popped breaker on occasion. But if you have noticed that you have one or more breakers that are often triggered or are difficult to reset, it may be a sign that there is an issue with the circuit breaker panel or the overall electrical system.

More than ever, we recommend you contact HedgeHog Electric. Circuit breaker panels are essential to the electrical system in your home or property, and it is best not to experiment with DIY attempts.

You Have Blinking or Flickering Light Fixtures

A blinking or flickering light fixture can simply be due to a dying or loose light bulb. But, in the event that the bulb isn’t the issue, there may be a loose wire or fault somewhere else in the fixture’s wiring.

If testing the light bulb doesn’t fix the problem, you can contact us and use our over-the-phone troubleshooting service and have one of our electricians walk you through the process of troubleshooting your light fixture.

No matter what sign of electrical damage you find in your property, it is critical that you have it repaired quickly, as it can lead to further issues and be a potential source of electrical fires.

Subtle Signs You Need Electrical Repair

1. Buzzing – While we know that electricity seems to do just about everything these days, one thing it is not supposed to do is make noise. If you’re hearing your electrical appliances then contact the manufacturer but if you hear buzzing coming from your lights or electrical panel then give us a call.

2. Sparks – Like buzzing, sparks fly when there is something malfunctioning. It’s not only unsafe to you but it can put your entire home at risk of an electrical fire so make sure to call in our St. George electrical repair team promptly if you see any sparks.

3. Outlets that are warm to the touch – If you’re feeling a little bit of heat coming from behind your outlet, then give us a call. It just means that something isn’t wired correctly and we just need to redo the wiring.

4. Odd sounds coming from your generator – By now you should have a good idea of what your generator sounds like when it’s providing you with power. If you notice any abrupt changes in sounds make sure to call in our electrical repair specialists to get your generator back in working order.

If you’re in need of our St George electrical repair electricians then give us a call at 877-673-9751 or contact us online today!


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