Electrical Services

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Interior Residential Wiring

Much of our electricians’ residential wiring work takes place inside the home, as proper wiring is critical for the overall safety of your home.

The most requested interior residential wiring services that our licensed electricians perform include:

  • Appliance Wiring – While our electricians do not work on appliances, they can take care of appliance wiring. Home appliances, from washing machines to microwaves, can draw huge amounts of power. Without dedicated circuits, using your appliances can cause them to overload and blow the fuses. Our professional electricians can determine where your appliances are overloading the wiring and circuits, then make recommendations on what wiring needs to be done to stop any dangerous overloading of your home’s wiring.

  • Basement Wiring – Often, basements are not completely wired when the rest of the house is constructed, left as a project to be completed in later years. When you decide that you would like to finish your basement or ensure that the current wiring is safe, our electricians can help. With the help of our licensed electricians, your basement wiring can be troubleshot, and we can provide you with a bid to wire your basement properly.

  • Computer & Internet Wiring – Sometimes internet wiring leaves something to be desired, as internet companies often do the most basic job of running a wire or two, leaving trailing wires in inconvenient places. Our electricians can help with cable management, internet network jacks for internet wiring in other rooms, and other related services.

  • Doorbell Wiring – To ensure you don’t miss visitors or package drop-offs, having a properly wired doorbell is important. Our electricians can wire a new or your current doorbell and set it up with a dedicated circuit, so you never miss when someone rings the bell.

  • Kitchen Wiring – Aside from appliance wiring, the other aspects of your kitchen wiring should be addressed. Things such as GCFI outlets and well-wired lights are vital to a safe kitchen. With these features properly in place, you can greatly reduce the danger of electrical fires and blown breakers.

  • Interior Lighting Wiring – Many older styles of homes have inconvenient lighting wiring, with lights sometimes in odd positions and others that lack the wiring for some interior rooms. With the help of our electricians, you can have these rooms safely re-wired and lighted by our electricians. Also, our electricians can revitalize the lighting wiring in your home, helping you swap your current lighting solutions for newly wired lights.

  • Phone & TV Wiring – Often, the position of phone jacks and cable TV wiring can leave stringing wires around your home. Our electricians can move and re-wire your phone jacks and TV ports so that your living space isn’t cluttered with wires.

  • Wiring Upgrades & Repairs – Older homes often have wiring that should be replaced to protect you from damaged or overloaded wires. Also, if you are doing renovations on your home, having one of our electricians assess and upgrade your wiring can be a significant asset to your house.



Exterior Residential Wiring

Our top exterior residential wiring services are:

  • Exterior Lighting Wiring – Having exterior lights properly wired is important for both visibility and safety. By working with our electricians, you can have various types of exterior lighting solutions wired and placed, from security lights to landscaping lighting.

  • Hot Tub & Pool Wiring – To protect yourself when it comes to the wiring of your pool or hot tub, you want to be sure to work with our licensed electricians. When you work with our electricians, your outdoor wiring to your filtration system, pool and hot tub lights, and more can be taken care of.

  • Panel & Meter Wiring – The wiring to your home’s electrical panel is one of the critical points in your home. With the help of our electricians, you can have faulty fuses replaced, circuit breaker panels swapped out and more.

If you have a specific wiring job that requires a custom estimate, our electricians can help by working with you to determine the exact parameters of the job and give you a customized quote.