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Whether you are looking to upgrade old lighting or need to replace damaged electrical systems, HedgeHog Electric has the St. George electrical replacement electrical services you need. Our experienced residential electricians perform a wide range of electrical replacements to keep your property in top condition.

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The Key to Maintaining Your Home

A properly installed electrical system should operate correctly for years. However, there are many factors when it comes to the maintenance and lifespan of your electrical system. For one thing, not all electrical contractors are made equal, and the work may not be up to the best standards that our electricians at HedgeHog Electric hold to when installing electrical work.

Also, not all electrical systems last the same amount of time and will require electrical replacements for various systems before other ones wear out. No matter the case, HedgeHog Electric is here to help maintain the electrical systems of your home.

Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Replacements

Properly Installed Electrical System in St. George, UT | HedgeHog Electric
Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Replacements in St. George, UT | HedgeHog Electric
Fan Not Powerful Enough to Cool
Burnt-out or Old Outlets & Light Switches

An Inadequate Lighting System

Many buildings and homes, particularly older ones, can have inadequate or older and less efficient lighting systems in place. Without the proper lighting, you can deal with a number of issues from eye strain to irritation from lack of light.There are plenty of lighting systems you can choose from to improve your current inadequate lighting, ranging from recessed lights to new ambient lighting fixtures, and no matter what you choose, our electricians can help.

Need Electrical Replacements in St. George, UT | HedgeHog Electric

Exposed or Older Wiring

Areas where wiring is exposed and the insulation is stripped can generally be found in attics and basements, where wiring is less protected and more likely to have become damaged. Also, as the rest of the house electrical system is renovated, often the attic and basement are left out, leaving older wiring while the rest of the home or building is run with safer wiring.

If you check these areas and find that you do have exposed wiring or an older, less safe wiring system, it’s time to contact our electricians for a replacement.

Damaged Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When your property’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are damaged, there is an increased danger that things like fires and high carbon monoxide levels will go undetected, leading to serious disasters and loss of life. As that is not something to contemplate lightly, if you have damaged or simply missing detectors, it is critical that this issue is addressed promptly.

Our electricians can install smoke detectors or replace your old detectors with 2-in-1 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that you can be sure that you have the appropriate safeguards in place.

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Outdated Electrical Panel

An outdated electrical panel is a major concern when it comes to the electrical safety of your home. Not only can an old panel simply malfunction, but it can be tempting to put too-large fuses or circuits in to allow for more electricity flow. However, doing this can cause an electrical fire when the circuit doesn’t shut off in time.With the help of our electricians, your electrical panel can be safely replaced and the correct circuitry installed to keep your home running properly.