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Often, when people think of needing electrical upgrades for their homes, they think of simple, practical upgrades like new outlets and lights. While these things are great, there are a number of electrical services you can access to upgrade the electrical work in your home.

Whether you are looking to add recessed lighting, solar panels, or some other electrical project, you can count on HedgeHog Electric for careful, professional electrical upgrades in St. George. We are licensed electricians serving Northern Utah as well as Southern Utah, and we are committed to a high level of professionalism that has made us highly rated electricians.

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Types of Electrical Upgrades

Below are the electrical upgrades we offer. If any of them are what you are looking for, feel free to contact us so that we can consult with you on your electrical upgrades.

Basic Home Electrical Upgrades

Most homeowners have at least a few areas in their home where some basic electrical upgrades can have an impact on the overall functionality of the space. Whether something is outdated or there are too few outlets, upside-down switches, or other issues, having some basic electrical upgrades can make your home more comfortable.

Some of the common electrical home upgrades our electricians perform are:

  • Outlet upgrades – You can have older two-prong outlets swapped out for new three-pronged outlets which are safer and compatible with modern devices. You can also opt for specialty outlets—such as GFCI outlets for wet rooms and outlets with USB ports—to accommodate your personal household needs.

  • Light switch upgrades – Improperly installed light switches can be changed out by our electricians. Another option is to have a speciality light switch—like dimmer switches—installed to upgrade your light switches.

  • Whole-house surge protector – Rather than purchasing a bunch of individual surge protectors, you can upgrade to whole-house surge protector by having our electricians install this system.

Home Wiring Upgrades

Determining when your house’s wiring needs to be upgraded can depend on several factors, such as if you need an entire wiring overhaul or if you need something a little simpler—like having a new dedicated circuit installed.

HedgeHog Electric can provide a range of wiring services so that whatever wiring you need upgraded, we are here to help. We can upgrade wiring both inside your home as well as upgrading your outdoor wiring. That way, you can safely have all your electrical needs met.

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