With all the focus on the lighting plan inside your home, many people forget the importance of creating a well thought out lighting plan for the outside. Beyond a simple porch light, exterior lighting has a whole range of possibilities that allow you to create visual interest for family and friends to enjoy. When choosing a lighting plan for the exterior of your house, there are two main areas to keep in mind: the house and the yard.

The House

Exterior lighting can increase the beauty, hospitality, and safety of your home. The correct lighting can emphasize the building’s architecture, welcome people to your front door, and protect you from unwanted creatures and prowlers.

Some of the most traditional options are the doorway and under-eave lighting. Homeowners who want a bolder look can incorporate spotlights while houses with an abundance of windows can take advantage of indoor fixtures directed toward the exterior.

One of the most important features in choosing your outdoor lighting is color. Houses with a sleek modern look will likely want to take advantage of the cool, crisp light provided by white light bulbs while those seeking a more warm, inviting atmosphere may want to choose bulbs with a lower voltage and softer colors.

The Yard

Your yard or garden is where your imagination and creativity can really come into play. From natural and gentle light to neon colors and accent lighting, yard lighting designs can bring a show-stopping quality to any home. Take advantage of any features in your yard such as benches, gazebos, trees, or water features to add focus and interest to your lighting design. Spotlights, nightlight bulbs, garden lights, lanterns, and LED lights can add both color and personality to your design while allowing you to strategically choose which areas to highlight and which will remain in the dark.