Electrical Services

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

  • How To Prepare For Power Outages

    Preparing For Power Outages As our community grows so does the pressure on our existing power infrastructure. Southern Utah residents have enjoyed a very reliable and stable power grid, but power companies in Southern Utah are beginning to notify customers that scheduled blackouts may be coming.In the event of a scheduled blackout or extended power […]

  • What’s the Average Cost to Rewire a House?

    Usually, when a homeowner needs wiring services, it is for a specific area of their home. However, there are times where an entire house can be in need of electrical rewiring. In these cases, the main question on homeowners’ minds is, “How much does an average home rewiring cost?”To rewire an entire home, average costs can […]

  • How Do I Know If My Electrical Panel Is Out of Date?

    There is often so little thought given to the electrical panel that when a breaker does trip, it may take some hunting to find where the panel is located. And often, it is fine to leave your electrical panel alone, as it is best not to mess with it.However, if your electrical panel is outdated, […]

  • 12 Electrical Terms All Homeowners Should Know

    When you need residential electrical services, it can be tough to follow what is going on with your electrical system if you aren’t sure what your electrician is saying.While you can always ask your trusty HedgeHog Electric electrician to explain, here are 12 electrical terms all homeowners should know so that you can identify what the issue with […]

  • Why It’s Way Past Due to Upgrade Your Two-Prong Outlets

    One electrical upgrade that is easy to overlook is two-prong outlet upgrades. Many people just find two-prong outlets inconvenient and a bit annoying, but they are far more dangerous than most people know.TWO-PRONG OUTLETS AREN’T AS SAFEIn modern homes, you won’t find two-prong outlets, as they are no longer up-to-code when it comes to new constructions. However, […]

  • Keep Cool With Sleek Low Profile Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are an excellent addition to your home. Whether you get ceiling fans installed in your bedrooms, living room, or dining room, the increased air circulation can help cut costs both during the warmer months as well as at cooler times during the year.If you have been considering having ceiling fans installed but aren’t sure you […]

  • Why an Electrical Panel Replacement Is Worth the Cost

    In most homes, the electrical panel is tucked away somewhere you don’t commonly look, such as in the basement or the laundry cupboard. With the panel out of sight, it is often out of mind, which generally isn’t an issue unless you have a circuit trip. But, it can delay you replacing your electrical panel for longer […]

  • Advantages of Led Lights Compared to Traditional Lighting

    If you have been waiting to make the switch from traditional lighting options over to LED lights, HedgeHog Electric is here to help you learn all about the advantages of LEDs. That way, you can be fully informed on why putting LED lights in your home is one of the best things you can do for your […]

  • Why Do My Lights Keep Flickering?

    One electrical issue you are guaranteed notice right away is if your lights are acting up. While the occasional flicker of your lights isn’t a problem, you may need to access lighting services if your lights start frequently flickering or shutting off without warning.In many cases, our electricians here at HedgeHog Electric have found that homes that have flickering […]

  • How to Properly Use Ceiling Fans

    Many people think ceiling fans are only for cooling off rooms when it’s hot. But, this is simply not true. Your ceiling fan can be valuable for cutting your heating bills during winter months, too. Today’s choices are manufactured for year-round usage. The key is using them properly by adjusting the fan blades’ rotations.HOW TO […]

  • 7 Tips for Avoiding Electrical Malfunctions in Your Home

    Many people stick to calling for residential electrical services when they need something like new light fixtures installed or other larger-scale electrical upgrades. Problem is, outside of upgrades, renovations, and obvious electrical issues like exposed, damaged wiring, it can be easy to fail to recognize potential electrical hazards.In Utah alone, 26% of the reported fires in 2016 were structural […]


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