Switching to Solar

Solar energy is the primary source of renewable energy used by homeowners today. And the industry continues to grow, with technology improving and systems becoming more affordable.

According to the Department of Energy, 30 percent of new energy generation in 2019 came from solar sources, compared to just 4 percent in 2010. It’s never been a better time to switch to solar, and we’re breaking down the benefits of using solar energy for your home.

Energy Cost Savings

How much you can save by switching to solar is mostly dependent on the electricity rates in your area and how much power you use. If your home is completely powered by solar, you can drastically reduce your energy costs because the panels collect energy from the sun.

Additionally, if you collect more energy than you use, the excess can be sent back to your local electrical grid. That surplus can earn you credits from your utility company!

In addition to energy cost savings, there are a number of credits that you can receive for using solar energy.

Environmental Benefits

Renewable energy is key for preserving the environment and other natural resources. The power that comes from fossil fuels like gas or oil contributes a significant amount of emissions to the environment. Also, there is a limited amount of fossil fuels on the earth, and we will eventually run out.

Solar energy, however, runs on the sun, which is considered a renewable resource. That means you have unlimited energy and can help protect the environment at the same time.

Low Maintenance

Unless a repair is needed, solar panels don’t require much maintenance or hands-on upkeep. You may need to clean out any leaves or debris that collects around your panels, but that’s about it.

As always, you should have a reliable solar company complete the installation of your solar panels in order to ensure they are built to last. And any repairs should be completed by licensed technicians.

Home Resale Value

As solar panels become a more popular, safe, and cost-effective form of energy for homeowners, they will become more attractive to those looking for a home. This translates into a higher resale value for your home whether you intend to sell soon or far into the future.

Solar panels are also universally applied, so there isn’t as much variation as there might be with other home upgrades like remodeled rooms or new appliances.

Unlimited Energy

A common misconception about solar energy is that you need bright sunlight in order for the process to work. This actually isn’t true.

Solar panels collect UV rays from the sun and convert them into energy. UV light is present even when it’s cloudy, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on days with bad weather. This is the same reason you can still get sunburn even when it’s cloudy!

Even if you burn through your solar energy, you can still connect to the local utility company and draw on the electrical grid.

Plus, if you opt for a storage battery, you can store the extra energy that you produce. Then, you’ll always have energy from which to draw in the event of a string of low-sun days or when the local energy grid is down.

Expert Solar Installation in Utah

Installing solar panels is a big decision and you need a team of experts on your side that you can trust. Luckily, HedgeHog Electric is the premier solar installation company in southern Utah and we’re standing by to answer any of your questions on solar energy and whether or not it’s right for your home.

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