Solving the Flickering Lights

There can be various emotions associated with flickering lights in your home. Is it just a nuisance, or is it something more serious? Luckily, we’re here with some answers for you.

Here’s what you need to know about flickering lights.

Minor Issues

There are some really simple reasons that lights may flicker. For example: are you sure you plugged the lamp in all the way? It may sound trivial, but a loose wire can cause the connection to be insecure. If your lights are hard-wired, check the switch or dimmer, which can also be the culprit if loose or not installed properly.

Similarly, a loose bulb can also prevent a full connection, causing the lights to flicker. Also, if the bulb is not the right fit for the socket, it may flicker, even if it seems to be the right size.

If your lights dim slightly or flicker once when you turn on a major appliance (like your AC or a hot tub), it is likely just a reduction in current as it gets pulled to the larger circuit. Unless the flickering continues, it’s not something to worry about.

Electrical Problems

If none of these minor options seem viable, then there may be a more serious electrical issue at play.

Circuit Overload

This problem occurs when a circuit pulls in too much power. Without a proper inspection, it’s difficult to tell whether the issue lies within the appliance or the circuit. It’s best to contact an electrical professional to diagnose the problem safely.

High Voltage

Your home may be operating at a higher voltage than what it can handle. Contact an electrician to make sure there are no faults in your electrical system, which can be dangerous.

Our Team is Here to Help

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