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Why an Electrical Panel Replacement Is Worth the Cost | HedgeHog Electric

In most homes, the electrical panel is tucked away somewhere you don’t commonly look, such as in the basement or the laundry cupboard. With the panel out of sight, it is often out of mind, which generally isn’t an issue unless you have a circuit trip. But, it can delay you replacing your electrical panel for longer than is safe.

Also, along with the panel being out of sight, having your electrical panel replaced can be on the pricier side. However, in the right circumstances, the cost of replacing your electrical panel is totally worth it, especially if it prevents your house from burning down.


There are a number of benefits to using our installation services to have your electrical panel replaced. Some of these advantages are:

Increase Your Home’s Safety

Let’s face it, the main advantage to having your electrical panel replaced is the increased safety it provides. If there is a malfunction in the operation of your electrical panel, it can cause an electrical fire, which has the potential of destroying your entire property.

Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers the cost of repairing your home, there are priceless things that can never be replaced if they are lost in a fire.

Provide More Consistent Power

Older electrical panels are often not able to supply the consistent power that modern electrical appliances and technology needs. Without strong enough electrical power, you are more likely to overload your circuits and have your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis.

So, rather than trying to guess if you have too many things plugged in for your electrical panel to handle, you can have your panel upgraded for consistent electrical power.

Add Extra Circuits During Upgrade

Some electrical panels lack the space to add extra dedicated circuits, which means that you aren’t able to power your appliances and electronics easily. With an upgraded electrical panel, you can have the appropriate amount of circuits to protect your home and provide for your electrical needs.


There are some clear signs that indicate that your electrical circuit panel needs to be replaced. Many of these signs should be addressed immediately, as they indicate there is an existing problem with your current panel, and the risk of an electrical fire is high.

  • The electrical panel is warm – Wires that are properly connected and insulated should not heat up so that you can notice it. So, if you touch your electrical panel and it is warm, then it is time to get it checked out.
  • Fuse-based electrical panel – While there is nothing inherently wrong with a fuse-based electrical panel, they are outdated and often not powerful enough for current electrical needs.
  • Noise coming from outlets – If there is any buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds coming from your outlets, that can mean there is something dangerously wrong with the outlets, wiring, or electrical panel. An inspection by one of our electricians can help determine where the issue lies.
  • Home is over 25 years old – Electrical panels can last between 25-40 years and generally aren’t changed unless needed. So, if your home is over 25 years old, it is time to have your electrical panel checked and potentially replaced.
  • Circuit breakers trip often – Circuit breakers that often trip can indicate that the electrical demand is too high for your current electrical panel. If the panel is consistently overtaxed, it can cause an electrical fire.
  • Strange smells near panel – Unknown smells that come from or near your electrical panel can mean that there is something already burning or has melted where you can’t see it. This issue needs to be addressed immediately, as it can indicate a serious hazard.
  • Water damage around electrical panel – If there has been water damage around or on your electrical panel, you should have it inspected for a potential replacement. The water can destroy some of the delicate circuitry of your electrical panel, leaving you and your home less protected.

Should you see one or more of these signs, it is time to call in HedgeHog Electric. Our electricians can assess whether or not you need a replacement or if there is another source for your electrical issues.


If you would like to have your electrical panel inspected to see if you need a replacement, please contact us for an appointment. We will send an electrician to your home to examine your circuit breaker panel and provide a recommendation.