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One of the areas of the home where the right lighting services can make a huge impact is in the bathroom. In the bathroom, you clean up and get ready for the day. Without the proper lighting, this process can be impacted, like missing a light stain on your shirt that you don’t notice until you sit at your desk at work.

If that example strikes a chord with you, then let your local electricians tell you all about how your bathroom vanity lights can make all the difference.


The color of the light bulbs in your bathroom can make a significant difference, especially if you do your makeup in front of your bathroom vanity. If the light bulbs are too warm, they can impact how colors look versus how they will look outside in natural light and under cooler bulbs.

For the best—and most natural—effect, choose light bulbs that fall between 2,700-3,000 Kelvin. You can also look for light bulbs labeled “cool”. While not exactly like natural light, these options are much closer.

LED bulbs are also a great option. Look for bulbs that have a color rendering index of 80+ to achieve the most natural lighting results.


There is a variety of bathroom vanity lighting options that you can choose to have installed in your bathroom for the best light possible.

Bar Vanity Light

There are many configurations when it comes to bar vanity lighting, but the one constant is that the fixture is designed to resemble a bar. Generally, bar vanity lighting is placed directly over the mirror, allowing for the maximum amount of light to illuminate the area.

Often, homes will have this style of bathroom lighting as it is effective for large and small bathrooms, and fixtures can come at very affordable price points.

Sconce Vanity Lighting

For a more modern look to your bathroom, use sconces as your bathroom vanity lighting. There are many styles of sconces, allowing you to find the right type of fixtures for your bathroom.

This style of light fixture works best in smaller bathrooms, as there are often only two sconces placed on either side of the bathroom mirror. Without another light source, that can leave larger bathrooms somewhat dim.

Backlight Mirror

For the beauty guru in your life, a backlit mirror would be an excellent addition to the bathroom. This mirror has built-in lights along the edges of the mirror, allowing the user to highlight their features more clearly as they perform skincare and makeup rituals.

A caveat with this type of lighting is that it is not sufficient as the single source of illumination for your bathroom. You will also need some other light source in addition to the backlit mirror.

Chandelier Vanity Lighting

Opting for a chandelier in the bathroom can be a surprising and chic addition. Not only will the multiple branches of lights help provide adequate lighting to the rest of the bathroom, but if you position the chandelier near the mirror, the reflective surface should help magnify the lighting effect.

It is important that if you do choose to install a chandelier that you keep the bathroom well-ventilated and clean the chandelier often. For those who live in more humid climates, be sure to watch for signs of rust.

Pendant Vanity Lights

Should a chandelier be a bit much for your style, you may want to consider pendant lights for your bathroom vanity. There is a lot of style variation when it comes to pendant lights, from simple, clear glass globes to intricate metal fixtures that are more modern art than a light fixture.

However, if you have a low ceiling in your bathroom, pendant lights and chandeliers aren’t an ideal choice, as you don’t want to smack into them as you get ready for the day.

If you aren’t confident in your light fixture installing skills, don’t worry. You can always depend on our residential electrical services to save the day.


Okay, maybe you know what light bulbs and style of light fixture you want. But, before you go out and buy your perfect fixture, consider the materials already present in your bathroom.

For instance, what if you have brass fixtures for your sink faucet, shower, and bathtub. While mixed metals is a trend, it should be a deliberate mix, rather than buying a nickel bar vanity light to clash with all that brass.

Also, say you have decorated your bathroom with soft pastels and bohemian decor. Adding a shiny gold chandelier would stick out, and not in the trendy way you might hope for when you bought it.

So, as you go hunting for the perfect bathroom vanity lighting, keep a picture of your bathroom on your phone, as well as measurements. That way, you can ensure that when you do pick up a new fixture, that it will fit harmoniously.


When you are ready to have your bathroom vanity lighting installed, bring in the experts to ensure that everything is done to the highest level of quality.

Whether you are looking for electrical services in Salt Lake City or down in St George, you can contact HedgeHog Electric. We are ready to put our experience and excellent electrical services at your disposal!