When lighting a space, there are several options available to meet your budget, color, and efficiency needs. In commercial and residential lighting, the three most common types of light bulbs are fluorescent, incandescent, and high-intensity discharge. By picking the correct type of light bulb, you can easily create the right atmosphere for your space.


Tubular fluorescent fixtures are some of the most efficient and longest-lasting types of fluorescent lighting, making it one of the most common choices in commercial lighting. Tubular fluorescent fixtures can last up to 20,000 hours, but give off a harsher light than other varieties.

Compact fluorescent lamps work to marry the efficiency of tubular fluorescent fixtures with the color options of incandescent lights. Used mostly in ambiance, task, recessed, and general space lighting, they can be up to 4 times more efficient than incandescent lights and last up to 10 times longer.


Traditional incandescent light bulbs provide the most natural light, creating a color that is similar to sunlight. However, it is also the least efficient and shortest lasting type of light bulb. One of the main reasons is that only about 15% of the energy emitted from the lamp comes out as light. The rest of the energy is emitted as heat.

Ever-increasing in popularity, tungsten-halogen lighting is known for its intense white light. Its intensity makes it more feasible for accent, display, or decorative lighting, especially when you want to focus the light on a small area. It is also highly efficient and long-lasting.

High-Intensity Discharge

High-intensity discharge lights have extremely long lives and are highly energy-efficient, though they create some of the most unpleasant light colors. These lights are most often used for outdoor security lighting.