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Take the Hassle Out of Ceiling Fan Installation | HedgeHog Electric

Ceiling fans can be a great way to cut utility costs all year long, from circulating air to cool a room to helping to push warm air back down. But even if you know that having a ceiling fan can benefit your home, it’s another thing to try and install one yourself.

Instead of attempting to install a new ceiling fan on your own, you can rely on HedgeHog Electric to take care of the task for you.


Aside from not dealing with the hassle of trying to put up your new ceiling fan on your own, there are other benefits to using our ceiling fan installation service. Some of the top benefits are:

Avoid putting yourself in danger

Since it is likely that you are not a professional electrician, there are many dangers inherent in trying to install a new ceiling fan light on your own. There are the risks of electrocution, fire if the wiring is done incorrectly, and even falling off a ladder as you try to maneuver around the bulky ceiling fan.

With our electrical technicians taking care of the task, you can avoid those dangers, and they won’t be endangered, as ceiling installations are a common task for them.

Enjoy prompt, clean, and professional help

We take great pride in providing the best electrical services, from the quality of our work to the friendliness of our electricians. Also, we will never leave your home with a mess, so you don’t have to worry that you will need to clean up a pile of boxes and styrofoam after your ceiling fan installation is done.

Have the fan mounting moved if needed

If you aren’t a big fan of where your current light fixture will place your new ceiling fan, our electricians can help by running new wire to a new location and/or moving the ceiling fan mounting.

We can also have new light switches installed, which is sometimes needed in older homes which lack central lighting features.

Safely have an old light removed

In most cases, your ceiling fan will be replacing an older light fixture. Sometimes this can reveal an issue in the wiring which needs to be addressed before the ceiling fan is placed. Other times, it can just be difficult to remove an old light fixture, especially if it was an old ceiling fan, as it can be hard to maneuver down a ladder if you aren’t used to the process.

By turning the process over to the professionals, you can ensure that the removal of your old light fixture is done safely and that your wiring is in good order to support a new ceiling fan.


As you can see, by choosing to work with HedgeHog Electric, you enjoy a variety of benefits, from less hassle to greater safety. Also, in most cases, a ceiling fan installation job can be done quickly by our electricians, thanks to their experience. Also, our electricians will be fully equipped with the right tools for the job, which most households don’t have on hand.

Whether you are looking for help installing a ceiling fan or other electrical services, HedgeHog Electric is here for you. Contact us to work with our team of professional, courteous electricians and see why all our customers leave rave reviews about our high-quality electrical services.