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When it comes to keeping your home or business safe, no one does it better than HedgeHog Electric. Our team takes providing reliable electrical services very seriously and always works with your safety in mind. From minor repairs to new system installations to whole-house surge protection, our Santa Clara electrical team can safely handle all of your electrical work. Backed by well over a decade of service, you can trust that we have the state-of-the-art tools, advanced technology, and expertise necessary to always get the job done right the first time. In fact, we are so confident in our work, that we back every service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Reliable Electrical Services in Santa Clara

At HedgeHog Electric, your safety is our utmost priority. To ensure that you are receiving the best possible service, our team is always completely informed of all the latest innovations in the industry as well as all residential and commercial building codes. When it comes to handling your electrical needs, no job is too big or too small for our team.

Our extensive list of electrical services includes:

Our team has experience with installing all types of electrical systems such as ceiling fans, smoke detectors, outlets, generators, home automation systems, whole-home surge protectors, new wiring, breaker panels, carbon monoxide detectors, home security systems, and more.

Signs You Need To Call A Santa Clara Electrician

Taking care of an electrical problem early on can help prevent costly damages and ensure that your home or business is safe. Although some people may try to avoid to costs of hiring an electrician, doing so may mean avoiding a potential fire. Warning signs that it is time to contact an electrician include:

  • Your lights are beginning to dim or flicker
  • You hear a strange buzzing noise in your home
  • There is a burning smell in your home that you can’t pinpoint
  • You experience a small shock when plugging in an appliance
  • Your outlets feel warm
  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently
  • You are using too many extension cords in one area

The Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

Whole-house surge protection is one of the best ways to protect your electrical systems from electrical surges. When power surges try making their way into your home due to tripped circuit breakers, lightning strikes, power outages, or grid malfunctions, a whole-home surge protector will intercept and either block the electrical current or send it to the ground.

These devices offer a variety of benefits such as:

  • Preventing damage to your electrical appliances
  • Avoiding insurance loss
  • Protection against surges generated by appliances in your home

These days, homes are practically run by electrical devices. From televisions to computers to washing machines to microwaves, we rely on electrical appliances every single day. To keep your home running smoothly, it is important that we protect these expensive appliances from experiencing damages brought on by electrical surges. Don’t wait any longer—reach out to one of our Santa Clara electricians to schedule whole-home surge protection.

Are Electrical Inspections Necessary?

Tens of thousands of house fires each year are caused by electrical malfunctions. To avoid being another statistic, it is best to make sure that your home’s electrical systems are regularly inspected by a professional electrician. If your home is over 40 years old, you’ve recently had a major renovation, you’re considering purchasing a home, you are experiencing electrical issues, or you cannot remember the last time your home’s wiring, appliances, circuits, and other electrical components were inspected, you need to call HedgeHog Electric.

During an electrical inspection, it is our job to assess the condition of your electrical systems and ensure that they are operating safely and effectively. We will examine your breaker box, surge protection device, outlets, light switches, lighting fixtures, outside electrical appliances, wires, conduits, and electrical panels. A careful inspection enables us to eliminate any fire hazards and keep your home safe.

Reasons to Choose HedgeHog Electric

Residents and business owners alike have come to trust HedgeHog Electric above all other companies because we deliver outstanding results, every time. Our team of fully licensed electricians in Santa Clara brings expertise and a world of experience to everything we do. From troubleshooting small issues to completely rewiring your home, we always adhere to the highest standard of service and results. Our trusted electricians provide flat-rate, upfront pricing, deliver high-quality work, and never leave a job site dirty. You deserve nothing but the best electrical service, and our team is here to make that happen!

Don’t settle for just any electrical company—choose the team that residents and business owners throughout Santa Clara trust above all else.

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