LED Light Bulbs 101

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have become one of the most popular choices for both home and commercial lighting recently. It’s easy to see why: they offer a multitude of benefits, including a lower cost, better efficiency, and longer lifespan.

So how are LEDs so different from other standard light bulbs? We’re breaking down some unique characteristics that make LEDs such a great choice for your home.

Use of Heat

Standard light bulbs, like incandescent or fluorescent, emit heat when in use. This is a serious contributor to a shorter lifespan, and why these bulbs burn out after a year or two (depending on the type).

LEDs, though, emit heat using “heat sinks,” which allow them to absorb heat and release it into the environment. Other bulbs get hot to the touch after being on for a certain amount of time, whereas an LED would not, or at least not nearly as much.


Lumens are units of visible light and measure how bright a light bulb will be at a certain wattage. LED bulbs emit much less energy to create the same Lumens level when compared to other types of bulbs.

For example, according to ENERGY STAR, a 9W LED bulb can produce 800 Lumens at an estimated cost of only $1.26 per year. That’s compared to a 43W Halogen bulb, which can produce the same level of brightness for $6.02 per year. That’s almost 4.7 times the cost for the same results!

Energy Efficiency

What does all of this mean? It really boils down to energy efficiency. Due to the way LEDs produce light, which is different from any method in other bulbs, they can use their energy more efficiently. That means more energy goes toward producing light and less toward heat and other byproducts of the process.

LEDs do have a higher upfront on average, but that will level out as they become more widespread. And their upfront costs are vastly outweighed by the energy savings and lifespan.

We’ll Light Up Your Day

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