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When it comes to the longevity, light output, and energy efficiency of electrical fixtures, induction fixtures come out on top. Induction fixtures are often used as an upgrade when the installation requires increased efficiency but also needs to address the issues of degrading light output. Over the course of the fixtures life, the lamp will retain up to 85% of its lighting potential, compared to the standard fixture – which can lose as much as 40% of its light in just the first year.

On top of light loss over time, the energy consumption of the lamp remains the same no matter how much light it produces. This means that a standard fixture will drain as much energy without giving as much light as an induction fixture over an extended period of time. While induction fixtures cost more upfront, the money put into maintaining shrinks along with the energy costs of the fixture. Taking advantage of RMP incentives increases the potential for saving money, making induction fixtures highly valued.Induction Shoebox | Hedgehog Electric


  • Parking lot lighting
  • Car lot lighting
  • Area and storage lighting
  • Walkway lighting
  • Building accent lighting

RMP efficient lighting incentive:

As a Rocky Mountain Trade Ally Hedgehog Electric is trained and equipped to take our customers from concept and design to installation according to the Rocky Mountain Power guidelines so as to make our customers eligible for the largest RMP incentives possible.