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With over 10 years serving Hurricane, UT, HedgeHog Electric and Solar’s master electricians have an unmatched reputation for providing responsive, high-quality electrical services for homeowners and businesses in the city. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction make us the top choice for your electrical needs.

Project costs vary based on requirements, complexity and type of property. HedgeHog Electric and Solar offers a complimentary evaluation to give you a precise estimate for your project. No hidden fees, just transparent pricing.

There’s no universally ‘best’ time. It’s guided by your needs and schedule. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major installation, HedgeHog Electric and Solar is ready to assist you at your convenience.

Regular electrical inspections are essential for safety and compliance. Our team at HedgeHog Electric and Solar conducts detailed inspections, ensuring your system meets all necessary codes and standards. This includes inspection of all wiring, electrical equipment, and materials used.

The duration varies based on project scope. HedgeHog Electric and Solar prides itself on efficient service, concluding projects promptly without compromising quality. We streamline the process as much as possible for minimal disruption.