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Electrical Safety

Electricity is a huge part of our daily lives. With its continual presence, it is helpful to be reminded of its potential dangers in order to make sure that you are always safe, no matter how much electricity you use.

It is easy to become complacent about electricity. However, as used to electricity as people have become, electrocutions still rank 4th in the cause of industrial fatalities. A shock as low as 600 volts can cause death and the National Safety council has estimated that around 600 people are killed every year due to electrical accidents.

There are a few easy precautionary steps that can help keep you safe whenever you are working with or have an unexpected encounter with electricity. The first is to always exercise an extra level of caution whenever you are working around electrical lines or outlets. Increasing your awareness can help prevent any careless accidents.

The second step is to always assume that any wire has been energized at a voltage that is lethal. This is true even when a wire appears to be insulated or inactive. If you encounter a downed power line, call the electrical company and have a professional take care of its removal. When working around the power lines in your neighborhood, try to stay at least 10 feet away.

As the tags on many of your electrical appliances will suggest, it is particularly dangerous to mix any electrical wire and water. Never operate a piece of electrical equipment while in water and if any of your equipment appears to have gotten wet, make sure to call a licensed electrician before you try to operate it.

It can be dangerous to attempt to repair any electrical cords or equipment that you are unfamiliar with. You should always call a qualified electrician, who has both the skills and the correct equipment to take care of any problem.