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Are USB Outlets Worth It?

It’s safe to say that we use USB connections every day. Whether it’s through charging a mobile device, connecting two pieces of technology, or storing information, the USB has become ubiquitous in modern society.

It has become so popular that instead of using a standard prong plug, outlets have been developed that take a straight USB cord. These are often deployed at airports, coffee shops, and other retail environments. No more fishing for a cube, just simple charging with a USB cord.

We’re taking a look at whether outlets with USB connections may be right for your home.

How Does it Work?

USB outlets come with your standard two three-prong connections, and usually have two (sometimes only one) USB ports. This allows you to plug in USB devices without taking up a three-prong space.

This effectively gives you four ports in one outlet, rather than two.

Is it Necessary?

For modern homes, a USB outlet would likely be used more frequently than you’d think. If you’re in the kitchen, you may have a couple of appliances plugged in and maybe even a radio or speaker. You’ll then always have a space to charge your phone or tablet nearby. Direct USB charging can also be faster than charging through another device, like a computer.

You don’t need a USB outlet in every area, instead of where you think it would be beneficial. For example, you probably don’t have many appliances or devices being used in the bathroom where you’d need that extra space. But in an office space or living room, it may be much more convenient. As more devices come equipped with USB cords, you’ll have greater flexibility over which plugs you can use.

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